Bella Donna

1 oz Dark rum, Gosling's Black Seal
1 oz Amaretto
12 T Lemon
12 T Lime
1 T Simple syrup
1 pn Cinnamon (rim glass)
I would make this with 1/4 oz Lemon and 1/4 oz Lime with no added sugar. I might cut back on the Amaretto too, or add more sour. It is supposed to be quite sweet.
From other users
  • Tasty and approachable. Made with no simple. Quite sweet and just a bit sour. Wouldn't add to the rotation but not a bad use for amaretto. — ☆☆☆
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Made per Dan's suggestion

Made per Dan's suggestion with no simple. Could add still more sour. As is the amaretto dominates and lime settles in at the end with just a touch of real sourness. Not a bad use for an ancient bottle of amaretto.