Blackthorn Cocktail #2

2 oz Gin
34 oz Kirschwasser
34 oz Dubonnet Rouge
1   Cherry (as garnish)
1 twst Lemon peel (as garnish)
Add ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir and strain into glass, garnish with cherry and lemon twist.
This probably predated the availability of sloe gin in the US.
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This was also cleaned up a

This was also cleaned up a bit in my effort to normalize the various Blackthorn cocktails running around the database. The poster of this drink adapted the VS&FC recipe as follows: 1.5 oz gin, .5 kirschwasser, .75 Dubonnet, .33 Sloe Gin, 2 dashes cherry bitters. This reverts to the canonical (revised) version of the drink. Thanks,  Zachary