1 1⁄2 oz Bourbon
1 oz Campari
1 Maraschino cherry (as garnish)

Stir, strain, straight up, cocktail glass


Bracingly bitter, particularly with the Carpano Antica.


A great cocktail, but the modernized 1794 is even better.

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Signature cocktail of Erskine Gwynne, writer and socialite, nephew of Vanderbilt
Is an
authentic recipe

Ted Haigh, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails; 1794: http://www.kindredcocktails.com/cocktail/1794

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From other users
  • Split Campari to Campari and Aperol to cut down a little on the bitterness for She Who Must Be Obeyed.
  • Prefer Death & Co version (see other user's comment) Lemon twist is alternate garnish
  • I like a more whiskey forward version from Death & Company: 1.5 Bourbon, .75 campari, .75 vermouth. It's still pretty bitter, can halve the campari with averna for a smoother version. Regardless, best with a large cube.
  • Slightly challenging, the sweet vermouth and whiskey moderate the Campari.
  • 2:1:1
  • 1/26/18 at Grille 29 Nice drink
  • Serve on the rocks. The process of dilution makes for a very pleasant sipping experience.
  • Used star anise-infused Campari, del Professore and Wild Turkey 101.
  • The classic ratio 1:1:1 makes this drink better
  • 1/4/18: 1.5 oz Old Grand Dad 100 proof, 1 oz Cocchi vermouth, 1 oz Campari, orange peel
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Dan commented on 10/29/2011:

Curated to standardize formatting and to refer to the improved 1494.

Try a Boulevardon: switch the campari for averna amaro--it's much less bitter and pulls the roasted flavors out of the bourbon. I also add Bittercube Cherrybark Vanilla bitters

This is a great cocktail, but I recommend it on the rocks. It's easier to enjoy for newcomers to Campari, and anyway the change in taste as it dilutes is really interesting and enjoyable.

My favourite amari / vermouth based cocktail. I use either bourbon or rye (or rum). Most vermouths work but I prefer to use Carpano Antica.

I batch bottle it in the ratio 2:1:1 - I keep it in the fridge & drink it over ice with a quick finger stir.

There are lots of variations, IMO good additions include:

- either an orange twist or lemon twist

- Averna (sub for the vermouth - I've not found other amari work as well)

- Orange bitters

- Chocolate bitters

- Hellfire bitters

- Coffee liqueur