Coupe. Ice+water. Absinthe rinse. Discard. Good stir. Strain.

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From other users
  • Strong and bitter, but very drinkable.
  • Brilliant recipe, greatly balanced. Used Cinzano 1757 instead of Carpano but otherwise strictly followed recipe. Size and bitterness feel really manly, we are in Bushwick or Vieux Carré territory. Totally love it!
  • Sub Amaro Florio for Amer, Amaro di Angostura for Cynar, and Rum Fire (scant) for Jamaican — ★★★★
  • Very smooth and balanced. Only reason I might not make it often is that I seldom have all the ingredients. If you halve this recipe, each of the 1/3 ounce ingredients becomes a 1-teaspoon addition.
  • Very nice! Used Old Overholt rye and cynar 70 proof. Subbed Cointreau for Grand Marnier; also subbed Amaro Nonino for Amer Picon.
  • Well balanced with identifiable parts creating a satisfying whole. Use 1/2 oz dry curaçao instead of Grand Marnier, Carpano Formula Antica instead of Punt E Mes, and Appleton Estates instead of Smith & Cross. — ★★★★★
  • Nice. I like the way the bitter ingredients play off the hogo flavor in the S&C.
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Is that supposed to be two *dashes* Angostura bitters?

Dan commented on 3/08/2018:

This drink is pretty big and seems a touch over-the-top complex. I simplified the concept and tried:

1 1/2 oz rye, 1/2 oz each Smith & Cross, Punt e Mes, and Amer Boudreau. I liked it a lot.


I do agree, but all the ingredients works very well together.
Did you try the complete recipe ?

Tried today: 1,5 oz Rye + 0,5 Smith & cross + 3/4 punt & mes + 1/3 Cynar + 1/3 Picon + 1 dash Cinnamon syrup

The syrup soften angles