A Brighter Summer Day

1 oz Gin, Plymouth
1 oz Becherovka
12 oz Peach liqueur, Mathilde
12 oz Campari
1 oz Lime juice
2 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Old Fashion
Shake, Strain, Up
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Strong on the cinnamon from

Strong on the cinnamon from the Becherovka. Use bitters that are without cinnamon. Made with apricot because peach tends toward Jolly Rancher. Fits the name very well.

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Maybe I have old Becherovka,

Maybe I have old Becherovka, but I felt the cinnamon needed the extra kick which is why I went with Fee's. I agree about the apricot, but I'm trying to finish a bottle of peach liqueur someone gave me and this is the best use I've found for it. I'll experiment with bitters this weekend and report back.