2 oz Old Tom Gin
2 ds Lemon juice
2 ds Maraschino Liqueur
2 ds Orange bitters
1   Cherry (as garnish)
Shake with ice, strain into glass.
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There are a few different

There are a few different ratios used for this cocktail, but I believe the Savoy calls for 2 dashes (1/8 oz or so) each on the maraschino and lemon juice, not 3/4 oz.

Apparently the Savoy calls

Apparently the Savoy calls for Old Tom Gin,  with 1/4 oz lemon juice and 1/4 oz Maraschino and orange bitters.  Anyways that combination makes a fantastic drink!

Craddock's formulation (which

Craddock's formulation (which uses 2 oz of Old Tom gin, only 2 dashes of the remaining ingredients, and garnishes with a cherry) is delightful. My score is based on that formulation, rather than the version posted here.