1 1⁄2 oz Blanco tequila
3⁄4 oz Aperol

Stir. Strain. Nick and Nora glass. Express oils of an orange peel.

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unknown authenticity
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From other users
  • I like the simplicity, but felt it too sweet so I took all 3 suggestions and added 1/4 oz tequila, splash of campari and lemon twist. Much better, though not quite as simple.
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This drink was posted 3 years ago, without a user's comment or rating. I looked at the ingredients, and I thought they should blend together well enough to produce a cocktail that some might find pleasing on a hot, summer day. So... here's the result! The tequila taste is there, but the Aperol rides along with it, blending nicely. As expected the Aperal brings a sweetness to the drink--for those liking a less sweet drink, I suggest using a "fat" 11/2 oz of tequila, or a combination of Aperol and Campari to the drinker's taste. Another option, which often softens the sweetness without making any other change, is to use a lemon twist, instead of the orange garnish. In summary, the Dank Back is a nice, tasty, somewhat sweet tequila drink that will do as a before or after dinner drink, or just a nice pleasant drink on one of those hazey, crazy summer afternoon.