Denim Blue Sour

Hendricks, St Germain, Creme de Violette, Sour, Soda
2 oz Gin, Hendrick's
12 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain
12 oz Crème de Violette
14 oz Simple syrup (1:1)
18 oz Lemon juice
18 oz Lime juice
Build in a highball full of ice. Top with soda. Stir to mix. Garnish with a long lemon twist or lime wheel.
Or just use a half ounce of sour mix. Also tasty with Plymouth or even Tanqueray.
Riffing on the Stormy Morning, in the nature of the creation of the Negroni.
From other users
  • Probably my second favorite summer drink after Tom Collins. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Very floral with so much Yvette & St Germain — ☆☆☆
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