1 1⁄2 oz Rye
3⁄4 oz Apple brandy, Lairds
3⁄4 oz Herbal liqueur, Green Chartreuse

Stir, stain, straight up, cocktail glass, no garnish.


The original recipe uses Yellow Chartreuse. The version with Green Chartreuse was created by Murray Stenson in about 2005.

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
Created by
Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore MD. Revised by Murray Stenson, Zig Zag Café, Seattle, WA
Is an
altered recipe
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3.5 stars
(19 ratings)
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From other users
  • Deceptively simple. Boozy and delicious. — ★★★★★
  • Used applejack — ★★★
  • Improved with a lemon peel garnish. — ★★★
  • With Rittenhouse BiB and Laird's 100, this is serious ABV. Tasty! — ★★★★
  • can use green or yellow — ★★★★★
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Dan commented on 4/27/2011:

I merged two identical recipes for this cocktail. This is the Green Chartreuse version. The original with yellow is not made as often anymore. If the original is made, consider reducing the yellow chartreuse to 1/2 oz to avoid being overly sweet.

Dan commented on 5/24/2011:

I merged the Green Rose posted by Kenny into this recipe. The only difference is that Kenny's Green Rose calls for 1/2 oz of Green Chartreuse, rather than 3/4 oz. If this difference is meaningful to you, you might note it in the comments section of your Cocktail Book entry. It's my hope that keeping the recipes in Kindred Cocktail distinct helps you find good recipes that are interesting to you.

Boozy. Complex aromatics. Feel like it's lacking a pinch of sweetness but heavy drinkers would probably prefer it as is.