Stir over ice for 30s. Strain into a chilled coup. Served up, no garnish.


Complex, well-balanced, and strong. Cointreau really is necessary here. A generic triple sec will result in a drink that's too sweet and much too weak. The drink needs something that's pretty dry and ~40% abv. Dry curacao (e.g. Pierre Ferrand) could probably be substituted, or Royal Marnier as a last resort.


Inspired by the Last Word

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Picture of Final Benediction
Posted by DavidL on 4/07/2021
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  • Robin likes it with a little less Triple Sec and a little more Gin — ★★★★★
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Made as a frozen drink with Boodles and Pierre Ferrand and a cherry on top. Very good. I've found frozen drinks adopted from non-frozen cocktails need a bit of sweetener compared to standard recipes, but forgot to add it this time and was perfectly fine without it.