2 oz Aromatized ice cider, Orleans Herbal
1⁄2 oz Apple brandy, Lairds
1⁄4 oz Orange Curaçao

Stir and strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass.

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Gramercy Tavern
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authentic recipe
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  • I used Grand Marnier as I only have Dry Curacao and was worried it would be too dry with that. Fairly thin tasting. — ★★★
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Light curation: conformed ingredients to KC database names and edited instructions to avoid copyright infringement. Thanks!

Thanks Craig! Eden makes three types of Aromatized Ice Cider - Orleans Herbal, Orleans Bitter, and Orleans Wood. It looks like these types are in the database as brand names. The product in this recipe is the Orleans Herbal.

The linked source says Orleans. If you made it with Orleans Herbal and like it that way, I'd suggest that your recipe should be listed as an "altered" recipe rather than as an "authentic" recipe (unless you know for sure that it is Serious Eats that has it wrong). (A minor point to be sure.)

I'm unfamiliar with this ingredient but it looks intriguing!