Into the Woods

34 oz Eau de vie of Douglas Fir (or gin)
34 oz Campari
34 oz Green Chartreuse
34 oz Dry vermouth
1 twst Grapefruit peel
Stir, strain up or onto a rock, grapefruit peel.
Originally a drink of equal parts Fir/Campari/Chartreuse, with suggestions for alternative ratios (2:1:1 and 2:2:1). Dried out and lengthened via vermouth following feedback.
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I made it as a riff on the

I made it as a riff on the End of the Road, which I hoped to give a nod to via the name:

But you're right, it does share a lot with the Shiver! A drink that's very high on my to-try list. I wasn't thinking of it when I added a grapefruit twist, but the reasoning's the same: grapefruit has terpenes which highlight the woodsy qualities of the Doug Fir while drawing out the fruity notes of the Campari.

One advantage that the Shiver has over this drink is all that juice. This is a very intense drink, not for everybody, and benefits from a good stir or even shake.I I've found people enjoy it as written, but some might prefer it cut with grapefruit juice, or even, as Stew Ellington suggested to me elsewhere, sweet vermouth.

Increased dry vermouth to 1

Increased dry vermouth to 1 oz to help sugar balance. This is a nice drink, but given the price of the ingredients, I think I prefer the Shiver. I'd like to try a mash-up, using tart grapefruit juice in lieu of dry vermouth.