8 Lemon (peeled, reserve lemons for juice)
1 gal Brandy
4 q Water
4 c Sugar
2 q Milk (whole or unpasteurized if you can get it.)
2 ? Nutmeg

Infuse lemon rinds (no pith) in brandy for 24-48 hrs.
Add water, lemon juice, and sugar.
Heat milk to scalding hot (stir frequently), then add to mixture and stir until it curdles. Grate 2 nutmegs into the mixture and then let it rest for 1 hr.
Strain through several layers of cheesecloth into bottles.
After some time, some things may settle out, you can draw off the clear liquid and rebottle, or strain before serving.


Store in cool dark place. Serve chilled as a dessert drink or dilute further to serve as a cocktail.

Can substitute rum.


This is David Wondrich's interpretation of Montague Summer's account of Mary Rockett's 1711 recipe.

Cocktail summary
Posted by miker on 11/08/2015
Created by
David Wondrich
Is an
authentic recipe

Punch: The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl (2010)

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