Negroni (Katie Loeb)

1 12 oz Gin, Plymouth
1 oz Sweet vermouth, Carpano Antica Formula
34 oz Campari
Stir and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with flamed orange peel, dropped into glass.
A slight variation on the classic Negroni, as perfected by Katie Loeb. She refers to it in the bar as "My Best Negroni."
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Renamed from "My Best

Renamed from "My Best Negroni" to "Negroni (Katie Loeb)"; with her consent via eGullet message. While Katie's name works well within the context of her bar, it doesn't work so well when published globally. She notes that she is a super-taster and finds the bitter elements in this version very much to her liking.

I have to say -- and I love

I have to say -- and I love Katie's work -- that if she's a real supertaster (as in extreme PROP sensitivity) it's impossible that she'd love the bitterness. That said, I adore her version, which is like a Negroni with a bonus kick in the tush with a spiked boot.

<br />A refreshing variation

<br /> Still a Negroni with the predictable Campari bitterness. Nevertheless, the Katie Loeb Negroni is a refreshing variation of the traditional Negroni, made possible by the switch to Plymouth gin. One wouldn't think that switching from the standard Gin, such as Tangqueray, to Plymouth Gin would make much difference. But it does because Plymouth Gin is not as dry as your standard gin and it has a somewhat more "earthy" feel. Moreover, Plymouth Gin has a noticably softer juniper flavour. If you haven't tried the Katie Loeb Negroni, thinking it's just more of the same, I say try it; you'll be pleasantly surprised.