1 oz Gin, Fords
1 oz Ruby Port, Sandeman
3⁄4 oz Lemon juice
1⁄2 oz Cinnamon syrup
1 t Cranberry preserves
1 spg Mint (as garnish)

Shake, double strain over crushed ice, garnish with mint sprig and raspberry.


So I've found two very similar recipes for this, with the main differences being that one calls for Gordon's gin and no bitters and the other calling for bitters, Fords Gin, and and simply "1/2 freshly ground cinnamon bark" rather than 1/2 oz cinnamon bark syrup. Here's the best of both.

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Tom Macy, Clover Club, Brooklyn, NY.
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authentic recipe
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  • Bitters optional. It's one of my favorite holiday drinks, absolutely beautiful w/ garnish, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I recommend using the delicious "Sarabeth's Cranberry Relish" for the preserves. — ★★★★★
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