Sage Sling

Oddly minty and oddly like a colonial garden
1 oz Gin, Art in the Age Sage
12 oz Gin, Plymouth
12 oz Damiana Liqueur
12 oz Lime juice
12 oz Agave syrup
5 lf Mint
2 ds Mint Bitters, Fee Brothers
1 spg Mint (Garnish)
Add lime juice, Agave and mint leaves and bitters. Muddle. Add remaining ingredients and shake. Double strain in double old-fashioned over pebble ice. Mound ice and add mint sprig garnish.
I couldn't quite place the flavor profile of SAGE and decided there was a almost minty quality to it. I had just made a Singapore Sling and loosely copied that idea ad the idea of a Mojito and ran with it.
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