1⁄2 oz Mezcal
1⁄2 oz Aromatized wine, Lillet Blanc
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
1⁄2 oz Agave syrup
1 sli Lime (as garnish, cut in wheel)

Shake, strain, rocks w/ one large cube, garnish.

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authentic recipe

Mix, Shake, Stir

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Lamuya commented on 7/07/2021:

Perfect balance and great for showcasing the tequila and mezcal! I also like the way the Lillet is integrated here, it's in the background but nicely highlights the fruity notes and gives more complexity to the drink.

louBD commented on 9/03/2021:

A bit too sweet for my taste, but I love the low key showcasing of the mezcal.