1⁄3 oz Cognac VSOP
1⁄4 oz Dry vermouth (Mulassano)
1⁄2 oz Gran Classico (Fat)
1⁄3 oz Herbal liqueur, Elixir Vegetal de la Grande Chartreuse
5 lf Sage

Muddle sage with rum. Mix other ingredients, very long stir, strain, frozen coupe


Wanted something dry with white overproof rum, and strong floral notes with subtle sweetness.

I Like it dry like listed in the recipe.

But i ve been uping amounts little by little and for a sweeter palate maybe this ratio Will be better:
3/4 gan classico, 1/3 dry vermouth, 1/4 orange flower water.

Both are very different drinks.

Will try sage next infused Overproof.

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  • Had to adapt: Had no Gran Classico: used Monte San Costanzo Amaro. Used yellow chartreuse instead of green. Skipped the orange flower water. Had no lavender bitters: used a teaspoon of creme de violette for two drinks. — ★★★★
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Used Zamaro which is similar to gran classic, and regular green chartreuse with Dolin dry vermouth, should have had a fatter pour or Zamaro but it was delicious and subdued very good! 

sfnyc commented on 6/25/2021:

I don't think of sage pairing with rum (as least not as well as it does with gin), but this works -- maybe the cognac provides a bridge. I ended up adding 1/2 tsp gomme syrup to open it up a bit, but it also worked without.