The Teddy

How many entendres can you fit in one cocktail?
2 oz Bourbon, Wild Turkey (MUST be 100+ Proof; Old Grand-Dad also acceptable)
2 oz Bitter lemon soda, Polar
34 oz Crème de Noyaux, Bols
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
2 ds Orange bitters, Fee Brothers Orange
1 cube Sugar, Domino
Shake 15-20 seconds. Pour over tumbler-full of ice. Garnish with Luxardo cherry.
That special golf weekend deserves a drink for the late afternoons to carry through dinner and enter the evening.
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  • Disappointing. Wish I could untaste it. — ☆


I'm confused by some of this

I'm confused by some of this recipe being in parts and the other in measurements. I.e., if I use 1 oz each of Bourbon and BItter lemon, do I use 2 ds of each of the bitters? If I use 2 oz each, do I use 4 ds?

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I agree - I hate part drinks.

I agree - I hate part drinks. So.... instead of 1 part bourbon and lemon soda and 3 dashes of creme de noyaux, I converted this to ounces and removed the rather sexist note.  Thanks,  Zachary

I'm amazed this has such high

I'm amazed this has such high ratings. The directions don't make a lot of sense to begin with - has anyone actually shaken 2 oz of carbonated bitter lemon soda?

I did away with the sugar cube and stirred this drink with a bit of simple. It didn't need it. I used Tempus Fugit Noyaux and Fever Tree Bitter lemon. Perhaps TF noyaux is very different from Bols, but I found the Noyaux clashed severely with the bitter lemon. Threw out most of it.