2⁄3 oz Lime juice
2⁄3 oz Apple puree
2⁄3 oz Vodka (dry apple, cinnamon and allspice flavored)
2 t Cucumber syrup
4 sli Cucumber (Thin, as garnish)

Shake and strain, tumbler with rocks, fill with italian dry champagne, garnish with some cucumber slices


You can replace Trento doc with your favourite sparkling wine


Treble Green: 'triple green', but also 'high green'.
Treble in fact comes from the Latin "Triplum", which in medieval polyphonic music pointed to the third item, the one that covered the higher notes. Three greens are green apple, cucumber, lime.

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©2014 Walter Bonaventura
Posted by WuBi on 5/30/2014
Created by
Myself, Walter Bonaventura, Loco's Bar, Rovereto, Italy
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author's original creation
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