Stormy Classic

Tropical without fruits?
2 oz Rhum Agricole (Black Sheriff)
12 oz Lime juice
13 oz Yuzu juice
13 oz Cane syrup (Rich syrup 2:1)
Shake long with lot of ice, strain, crazy chilled coupe. Must be black sheriff and cane sugar. Fat 1/3 syrup, nearly 1/2 oz. Tried 1/3 and it did not worked, then added a couple of dashes more, boom, tropical
Heavy tropical notes, fabulous... Passion fruit, pineapple Without any kind of real modifier. I really think this is an alchemy between this rum, yuzu and proper amount of cane sugar. Cane sugar syrup: 2 parts powdered sugar cane + 1 part hot water.
I lived in the same block of the bar for 5 years. No comment... We moved not far from the previous point, came back to the bar, and all the staff we knew was no longer in service ! The barman asked for what i needed tonight. I ordered a Daiquiri kind but not girly. I took a sip, and wow, i asked for the ingredients. When he told me he just add yuzu juice i did not believe him!
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I cleaned up the History a

I cleaned up the History a little bit for clarity. HSE (Habitation Ste. Etienne) makes the rum which can be found in limited amounts in NYC evidently. Thanks,  Zachary