Scarlet Ibis is a brand of rum distilled in Trinidad and Tobago by Trinidad Distillers. It was originally conceived as a private labelled rum for Death & Co., a cocktail bar in New York. Scarlet Ibis is a blend of three to five year old Trinidad rums, and is 98 proof. 

Scarlet Ibis rum is golden in color and clear. The nose smells estery and funky, with the alcohol being prevalent. It has a nice burnt sugary sweetness, with the alcohol providing texture and interest in the midpalate. Flowers, burnt sugar, and almonds round out the finish. 

Scarlet Ibis is imported by Haus Alpenz

Some popular cocktails containing Scarlet Ibis

  • The Secret Is in the Telling — Rum, Falernum, Lime juice, Simple syrup
  • Midnight Mass — Rum, Cardamaro, Bénédictine, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Red Right Hook — Rye, Rum, Sweet vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Campari, Chocolate bitters, Orange peel
  • Letters of Marque — Trinidad rum, Cynar, Curaçao, Galliano, Orange peel
  • Planter's Punch (Spiced Rum) — Spiced Rum, Trinidad rum, Campari, Bitters, Cardamom bitters, Grenadine, Lime juice, Lemon juice
  • Baby Don't You Change — Trinidad rum, Aromatized wine, Riesling, Campari, Lemon juice, Simple syrup
  • Sancti Spiritus — Rum, Cardamaro, Aromatized wine, Pear liqueur, Lemon peel
  • Mosquito Coast — Rum, Allspice Dram, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Lime
  • The Drunken Dodo — Trinidad rum, Sweet vermouth, Allspice Dram, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Kerala — Trinidad rum, Bourbon, Bitters, Peychaud's Bitters, Cardamom, Pineapple juice, Lemon juice, Cane syrup