86 Long Island Iced Tea

12 oz Vodka, Aylesbury Duck
12 oz Gin, Fords
12 oz Tequila, Cabeza
12 oz Light rum, Caña Brava
34 oz Lemon juice
34 oz Simple syrup (1:1)
1 spl Cola, Coca Cola
1 wdg Lemon (as garnish)
Shake, strain over rocks in a Collins, splash Coke, garnish.
So-named as it employs the entire portfolio of the 86 Co.
Similar cocktails
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For those who like a well

For those who like a well-made Long Island Ice Tea, beware!. For those who have never had a Long Island Ice Tea and are thinking of trying this to see what it's all about, beware! For anyone else who might think about trying this drink, just because...beware! This concoction is not fit for human consumption--unless you're trying to kill off your spouse or ex-spouse. I used all topshelf ingredients--including the lemons.

The basic problem is that the lemon juice overwhems all. In addition, a "true" and well-made Long Island Ice Tea has contrasting flavors, yet they blend nicely. In fact, Mittie Hellmich, in her well-written and informative book, "Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide," wrote about the Long Island Tea, "Some purists claim you should never mix vodka and gin together, but this potent classic defies many taboos, and indeed tastes dangerously like iced tea (pg. 268)." The truth be known, when I feel like living on the edge, I'll drink a London Iced Tea, and maybe two--but never three!