1 oz Gin
1 oz Herbal liqueur, Green Chartreuse
1 Maraschino cherry (as garnish)

Stir, strain, straight up, cocktail glass, garnish.


This is the original, historic recipe, which many find too sweet today. See Bijou (dry)


Name means jewel in French, named after precious stones: diamond (gin), ruby (vermouth), emerald (chartreuse). Originally ingredients were floated. - Wikipedia

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Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
Created by
Ezra Star, perhaps. From "Jack's Manual"
Is an
authentic recipe
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From other users
  • Try with dry vermouth if too sweet.
  • D&C calls it a Tailspin and uses 1.5 oz gin and rinses glass with campari. Too strong for me, also a bit too sweet
  • Sweet. I use only 3/4 Chartreuse..
  • I like all the pieces but the whole is sweet, unbalanced, and surprisingly unappealing.
  • Sweet and earthy.
  • 1.5 oz This 2 oz That
  • Added 1/2 lemon, which transformed the drink, balancing the sweet. — ★★★
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yarm commented on 9/19/2022:

Original is from Harry Johnson 1882 before Jack's Manual.