Bird in Flight

a drier, darker riff on the Jungle Bird
1 12 oz Pineapple rum, Plantation Stiggin's' Fancy
12 oz Virgin Islands Rum, Cruzan Blackstrap
12 oz Campari (coffee infused)
12 oz Lime juice
14 oz Demerara syrup
Shake, strain into a old fashioned glass. Garnish with a lime wheel or twist, pineapple frond or wedge, cherry, etc.
For the coffee infused Campari, infuse .5oz / 1 tbsp of coffee beans for every 250ml of Campari for 4 hours. Alternately use a barspoon of high quality coffee liqueur. If you want to amp up the pineapple flavor a bit, use pineapple gum syrup instead of demerara (Liber & Co's pineapple gum syrup, with it's carmelized pineapple notes, makes for a nice twist).
Inspiration was having a hankering for a Jungle Bird cocktail and being too lazy to go to the store to snag a pineapple and then juice it. I love coffee flavors in tiki drinks, such as the Krakatoa, Mr. Bali Hai, Black Magic, etc., so worked a bit of that in, resulting in a drier, darker tinged drink than the original Jungle Bird.
From other users
  • Made with regular Campari and 1/2 oz 1:1 syrup — ☆☆☆
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