Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass.


Started with Gin & Elderflower liqueur and then tweaked the Sweet Vermouth and found the best fitting amaro.

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Darrell Bishop
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An interesting drink, but one I would like to tinker with in the future to improve it. For example, I used St. George terrior gin, which has 12 botonicals that have a heavy taste (e.g., Douglas fir, CA Bay laurel, fennel, and juniper berries among others). I would like to try a lighter, more flowery gin like Tanqueray Ten or Citadelle.

For a vermouth, I used Vya, a topshelf sweet vermouth. I would like to try Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, which is both sweet and amazingly tasty. I would also like to try Vermut, a Spanish vermouth, which is neither sweet nor dry, but long on taste.

Finally, I would like to try several different garnish options. I drank this with no garnish, and thought something was needed. I tried a small amount of lemon zest, and thought it tasted better. I then added orange zest to the lemon zest (the first time I have ever done so), and thought it was a definite improvement.

So much to do, so little time to do it all. But I will. In summary, I rated Bishdogg #1 at 3.5. I think that with some modifications, it will be rated fairly consistently at 4.0, maybe even 4.5