1 1⁄2 oz Bourbon, Four Roses
1⁄2 oz Cynar
1⁄2 oz Bourbon, Four Roses (infused with Chai Tea)
1⁄4 oz Ginger shrub

Stir and Strain in an iced filled high ball. Grapefruit twist.


Ginger shrub: Apple cider vinegar and ginger shrubb

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  • used equal parts shrub, falernum & cynar, 1/8 oz chai liquer and splash of grapefruit juice — ★★★★
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Hi Shannon,

Can you give us recipes for the Chai infusion and the ginger shrub? It would help people make your cocktail.

Dan commented on 1/25/2012:

I changed "vinegar" to "ginger shrub". I believe the poster intends to use 1/4oz of ginger shrub made with cider vinegar.