Stir, strain, up.

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Created by
Joe Gilmore, Savoy Hotel, London
Is an
authentic recipe
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3.5 stars
(8 ratings)
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  • Good in Robins book — ★★★★
  • A drink caught between genres, a bit. — ★★★
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Tasty; fairly "tiki", which was surprising.  A "part" is not an "ounce"; the recipe makes 2.

See the same ratio with....?more temperance?, e.g.

Also: many recipes I saw agreed on the Johnnie, but called for Cointreau or other triple sec rather than the Gran Marnier.

I'll adjust the number of drinks. I saw that Imbibe link and read it was a Manhattan variant, shuddered, and found another version. It's no more a Manhattan variant than a Daiquiri is a Old Fashioned variant. Thanks,  Zachary

Not bad. I shook in a shaker since it has fresh lime juice. I made with dewars. Well balanced for a scotch cocktail.