Berkshire Daiquiri

Ragged Mountain Rum gets tarted up, with a homey spicy touch.
2 oz Gold rum, Ragged Mountain
12 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
12 oz Orange liqueur, Cointreau (More herbal than Citronge, which would be spicier.)
12 oz Lime juice
1 bsp Ginger shrub, Tait Farm
Build over ice in mixing glass, shake for 15 seconds or stir for 30, strain & serve straight up. Your choice of garnish if any.
Any pot still rum would be good, but the spicy & vegetal notes of this rum make the drink. This is a fun daiquiri variant. I got richness and spiciness from Ragged Mountain, enhanced by the ginger shrub note. Dolin helped make a dry finish. Try with other pot still rums, rosato instead of Dolin for different effects.
Sloshed together à la minute 5/6/11.
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