Berkshire Daiquiri

Ragged Mountain Rum gets tarted up, with a homey spicy touch.
2 oz Gold rum, Ragged Mountain (Any pot still rum would be good, but the spicy & vegetal notes of this rum make the drink.)
12 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
12 oz Orange liqueur, Cointreau (More herbal than Citronge, which would be spicier.)
12 oz Lime juice (Fresh please.)
1 bsp Ginger shrub, Tait Farm
Build over ice in mixing glass, shake for 15 seconds or stir for 30, strain & serve straight up. Your choice of garnish if any.
A fun daiquiri variant. I got richness and spiciness from Ragged Mountain, enhanced by the ginger shrub note. Dolin helped make a dry finish. Try with other pot still rums, rosato instead of Dolin for different effects.
Sloshed together à la minute 5/6/11.
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