Distilled Grape Appeal

For cognac lovers
1 34 oz Cognac VSOP
13 oz Simple syrup (Red wine & champagne)
2 dr Bitters, Angostura
14 oz Sherry, Lustau Olorosso
18 oz Overproof bourbon
Long stir with a lot of ice in order to acheive a syrupy texture. Strain in coupe, garnish with 3 cherries on pick. Or once stirred as usual, store for 15 to 20 minutes in freezer. Serve.
Cognac: Lefoulon vsop. Syrup: same part Red wine and champagne and same part white sugar. Low heat at water bath. Bottle. Fridge. You can also make to different batches, one of champagne, the other of red wine. For the Bourbon: Need to be a high proof Bourbon. Better if over 120. Used stagg JR for Bourbon batch 8 - 129,5 proof.
Bought Cognac a few weeks ago, tried several recipes and posted them on Kindred. Wanted to focus on Cognac flavor. Had some wine and champagne leftovers.
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