The Place of Weeping

2 12 oz Brandy (see note)
34 oz Sweet vermouth, Dolin
2 ds Bitters (See note)
1 ds Bitters, Angostura
1 rinse Islay Scotch, Octomore
This is a Manhattan variation: stir the brandy, vermouth and bitters then strain into a chilled, Islay-rinsed cocktail glass.
I used a homemade bitter, the flavour of profile was based on the spices you'd use to make boerwors. You'll want something with clove, nutmeg, black pepper. For the brandy, use South African brandy. I used KWV 10 but found myself wishing for a 50:50 split of that and cheap Klipdrift.
A May 2015 MxMo entry. The name comes from a rather nasty run-in between the Afrikaners and Zulu.
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