1 1⁄2 oz Rye, Bulleit (Can sub high-proof bourbon and/or adjust to 1 oz for a lighter version)
2 t Fernet Branca (Adjust to taste)
1⁄2 oz Ginger liqueur, Canton

Stir with ice; strain; rocks glass over a large cube.


Good as an aperitif due to high proof and bitter main profile, but also works as a late-night feet-up-by-the-fire libation. As the ice melts the triple sec and FB mellow to a coffee/caramel sweetness. Ginger packs the heat to battle winter chills and creates a tingly finish.


Created for a friend who needed (needed!) an easy big boy's version of Jack & Ginger.

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  • Four stars with Wild Turkey 101, three with lower proof bourbon
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