Golden Finch

a Yellow Bird mashup
1 12 oz Pineapple rum, Plantation Stiggin's' Fancy
34 oz Galliano
34 oz Crème de Banane, Giffard
34 oz Lime juice
1 ds Orange bitters, Scrappy's Orange
Shake all ingredients with ice for 15 seconds, strain into coupe. Either no garnish, or garnish with lime twist or lime wheel.
Originally made with my own pineapple infused rum but later switched to the Stiggins' Fancy (it's simply better than anything I can infuse myself).
Part of my 2015 "Daiquiri-palooza" of weekly daiquiri riffs for an entire year. I stumbled on the Yellow Bird recipe like I suspect most have, trying to figure out what the &%$@ to do with that nearly full bottle of Galliano at the back of the bar. Saw several recipe variations, including those with pineapple juice, creme de banane in place of the curacao, etc. so I incorporated those flavors into a single drink, as well as some ratio tweaks, to make it more daiquiri-esque like the original instead of a beach drink juice bomb.
From other users
  • Sweet and a bit too fruity for my taste, particularly the banana, but well balanced. 3.5 — ☆☆☆☆
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