Holland House

1 34 oz Genever, Bols
34 oz Dry vermouth
12 oz Lemon juice
14 oz Maraschino Liqueur
Lemon twist, Shake, Straight Up, Cocktail
Tart, with strong lemon flavor and Maraschino undertones. Not sure if it is worth the expensive Genever.
So this is interesting. The original Holland House is from Kappeler in the turn of the century "Modern American Drinks", but it's a rye whisky drink with orange eau de vie and Peychaud's, made as a Crusta. By the time of the Savoy book in 1930, it had become a gin drink midway between a violette-less Aviation and a Martini.
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Cleaned up a little - moved

Cleaned up a little - moved Bols from the notes to the brand, removed fresh from the notes on the lemon juice. Added history section - this is a bizarre drink.

We tried this and enjoyed it.

We tried this and enjoyed it. Because my fiance has acid reflux problems with lemon juice, I halved the amount, and based on our opinions compared to the original poster's comments, it seems to have created a more balanced cocktail,