1 1⁄2 oz Overproof bourbon

Fill a pint glass with cracked ice. Add the bourbon and cherry Heering and stir well. Strain the drink into a chilled coupe.

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Dan commented on 2/07/2013:

I tried this and didn't find it particularly interesting. Yes, Cherry Heering is a complex, interesting cherry liqueur, but the drink cried out for something. I added a 1/4 oz of Campari and a dash of pie-spice bitters (I used Angostura, but a clove-forward bitters would work well too, as would chocolate or mole). At that point, it wasn't really the same drink, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Anyone else like this as written?


Frankly, I don't think this is a cocktail - it certainly needs something to make it interesting, and to get the volume of the drink to something more appropriate.

Haven't tasted this, but I agree that it seems like it's missing something. That said, I must say that there's quite a few classic cocktails  and their variants having this formula(although most of them has a dash or two of bitters). Like Eric Alperins Highlander, calling for 2 oz Scotch, 1/2 oz Cherry Heering and a lemonpeel. So a dash of bitters and a complementary spray of citrus oils might do the trick. Now I have to try this drink, I guess...