2 oz Rye
1⁄2 oz Calvados
1⁄4 oz Sweet vermouth

Serve on the rocks with a cherry.


Not sweet enough. Try bourbon?
Try with just one cube of ice for a more wintry feel. Maybe even no ice? Out of a tea cup?

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Posted by famico on 9/29/2011
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From other users
  • I don't like manhattans but I like this
  • A very very nice Manhattan.
  • I made with bourbon as suggested. Delicious.
  • Lots of potential. Needs tweaking. I changed to .5 bonded rye, 1.5oz bourbon. Also added barspoon of demerara syrup. Garnish with flamed orange. 2nd time made w/ 1.5 rye, 1 lairds bonded, .25 lillet rouge, .25 sw vermouth.
  • Variation 3/4 each Templeton Sweet v Galliano Calvados
  • I think this needs some tinkering. Up the calvados, less rye (or maybe don't use Rittenhouse)?
  • 1.5 bourbon, 3/4 Calvados, 1/2 sweet vermouth, 1/4 cherry, barspoon Demerara syrup
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I like this, actually I find it almost too sweet. For me I'd use a spicier rosso like Vya or a sherry-like one like Vermut Lacuenta and dial it up to a full ounce. Heering good here, though Combier Rouge would lend a fresher cherry note. Rye and calvados play well together!

I used cherry bounce made with cognac in lieu of cherry herring. Pleasant, tasty, plenty of fruit without being cloyingly sweet.