Indian Summer Cooler

Bourbon, rum, amaro, apple butter, bitters
1 12 oz Bourbon, Buffalo Trace
1 12 oz Rum, Zacapa 23
12 oz Ramazzotti
1 t Apple butter
3 ds Bitters, Angostura
4 oz Soda water
Stir it all up in an ice-filled glass an enjoy!
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This mix of ingredients

This mix of ingredients sounded fantastic and I had to try it. Sadly, I wasn't blown away. I think there's too much soda water and the Bourbon seems to take over. Admittedly, I used Bulleit and not Buffalo Trace, but I don't think that would make the difference.

I tried it again nixing the soda water and cutting out an ounce of Bourbon and I thought it much improved, at least to my tastes. Lets the Zacapa shine a bit more.

Love the idea of apple butter in the drink. I've been messing around with it lately with pretty good results.

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Dreizhen, Thanks for the


Thanks for the input! I wanted to make this as a cooler (hence so much soda water). I've made it w/o the soda and everything comes up roses (speaking of which, I've got some Four Roses staring me in the face..). I'll fire another one (or three) up this weekend with different bourbon/rum levels.