Round and brown
2 oz Rum, Havana Club 7
34 oz Strega
12 oz Cynar
1 bsp Rum, Smith & Cross (As float)
1 twst Lemon zest
Stir with ice, strain over big rock. Float Smith & Cross; twist lemon and drop in.
Ideally use Cuban rum for the base but feel free to experiment with others (Appleton 12 should be great). Miramar is a suburb of Havana; it's also the Wellington suburb where our movie industry is based (and which I can see from my lounge).
Inspired by the Havana, by Giancarlo Jesus of the Hawthorn Lounge.
© 2017 Leslie Craven
From other users
  • Will probably need subbed rum
  • "Round and brown" is a good descriptor. I used El Dorado 8 which maybe overemphasized the caramel flavors the Cynar was already bringing. — ☆☆☆
  • Delicious! Love the rum on rum.
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