Mizz Mazza

1 12 oz Campari
12 oz Eau de vie of Douglas Fir
12 oz Gin
12 oz Ginger liqueur, Domaine de Canton
12 oz Lemon juice
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
2011 Kindred Cocktails
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  • Made with lemon rather than dry vermouth — ☆☆☆☆
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I was out of dry vermouth, so

I was out of dry vermouth, so I sub'd lemon juice. It was absolutely delicious. I would be curious to compare with dry vermouth, as the lemon added more acidity and citrus background than the vermouth would. I'm not sure how wine would play with the ginger and fir.

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Glad you like the lemony

Glad you like the lemony version, Dan. I'll have to try that. Would be interested to get your impression of the vermouth version.

I tried a direct comparison

I tried a direct comparison of the recipe as written with dry vermouth and substituting lemon juice. I definitely preferred the lemon version. For my taste, the vermouth version doesn't have enough acidity for the sugar in the Campari to come across as medicinal. I think we have an association with sweet and bitter flavors as medicinal, whereas sweet/sour plus bitter is delightful.

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I just did a side-by-side and

I just did a side-by-side and still like them both a lot, though I might like the lemon version a bit more. My wife, a Campari purist, prefers the vermouth version. I mixed both of these as up cocktails. I'm going to try to get the cocktail's namesake to try the lemon version and see what she thinks.

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M'K, the cocktails namesake

M'K, the cocktails namesake has ruled in favor of the lemon version. You win again, Chadwick! I'm going to update the recipe accordingly. We'll take joint custody.