the night speech of plant and stone

1 rinse Bitters, Dr Adam Elmegirab’s (Dandelion and Burdock)
2 oz Cognac (something dark/woody)
1 oz Valdespino Jerez Quina
12 oz Amaro, Elixir Novosalus
14 oz Bitters, Bittered Sling Moondog
14 oz Simple syrup
Rinse an ice filled Old Fashioned glass with the Dandelion and Burdock bitters. Stir everything else, strain into rinsed glass, add a chunk of ice.
Well, this is bitter. Novosalus drives the drink - it's like Braulio + Erborista. The core of the drink is chocolatey-herbal and flatly bitter, not tannic but medicinal. Not exactly delicious, but thoughtful and foreign.
A friend challenged me to come up with a replacement for some bitters I made a while back. I'm in the middle of my re-read of LoTR and this line suggested itself as a concept.
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