Peg Leg Punch

30 oz Grapefruit juice
10 oz Lemon juice
7 12 oz Orgeat, Monin
30 oz Vodka, Tito's
15 oz Aquavit, Skane
30 lf Mint
1   Lemon (thinly sliced in half-rounds)
4 oz Simple syrup
Pour into punch bowl with ice chunks, ring, or cubes - stir - add a handful of fresh mint leaves and a lemon cut into thin slices - serve with in punch cups with elaborate garnish and toys (cherries, pineapple, mermaids, monkeys, elephants, flamingos, etc.
Fee orgeat is not good, Reynolds OK but less flavor and requires filtering
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Zachary Pearson's picture

I cleaned this up a bit -

I cleaned this up a bit - changed Almond syrup, Monin orgeat to Orgeat, Monin. Removed references to fresh juices and mint - KC assumes this already.

Why do you feel the need to

Why do you feel the need to filter BG Reynolds? Is the punch that clear with the grapefruit and all? I have not sample Monin, but I understand it to have a strong almond extract flavor, as opposed to the BG Reynolds true almond meat flavor.

BoulderandPebbles's picture

While not seeking to create

While not seeking to create clear punch, I also strain the juice as well to remove big pulp chunks and seeds - personally I don't like the hard bits of almond (or anything that feels that gritty and looks like sand / dirt) in my cocktails - I actually prefer the strongly flavored almond extract-based syrup (but find Fee's too much in this direction) to the subtle, slightly more than simple syrup flavor of the Reynolds for this recipe where the citrus is so forward / bitter. If you don't like that almond extract flavoring, the Reynold is probably a better choice, but a different profile altogether from my perspective.