1 1⁄2 oz Scotch
3⁄4 oz Port (Tawny or Ruby)
3⁄8 oz Zucca (Or Sfumato)
3⁄8 oz Campari

Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail coupe, and garnish with a lemon twist.


Originally made 1.5 / .5 / .5 / .5 which was delightfully bitter. I figured that upping the port and/or decreasing the amari would make it agreeable to more people. My other recipe idea was 2 / .5 / .25 / .25 which would make for a drier drink.


I had been thinking about how well Campari and rabarbaro (such as Zucca and Sfumato) can join forces to make a complex bitter. Since Scotch and rabarbaro pair so well in drinks like the Caustic Negroni, I began to think about classic whisky cocktails and ended up on the port-containing Chancellor from the 1956 Esquire Drink book. With Phil Ward's Baltasar and Blimunda (a Negroni of sorts with port) in mind, I altered the Chancellor to include these two amari. For a name, I kept with the academic theme that runs in Chancellor-like drinks.

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FRY 2019
Posted by yarm on 11/11/2019
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Frederic Yarm, Boston, MA.
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  • Made with 1/2 oz of the amaro, kept the port at 3/4 with tawny port, use highland park 12 for the scotch... really good
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Used Tomatin, Sfuamato and vintage port at 2.5 / .5 / .5 / .5. Excellent. Would try again with a touch of Islay too.