Suffering Bastard

1 oz Bourbon (or brandy)
1 oz Gin
1 t Lime cordial, Rose's
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
4 oz Ginger beer (or ginger ale)
1 sli Orange (as garnish)
1 spg Mint (as garnish)
Shake without ginger beer, strain, rocks, highball glass, top with ginger beer, stir gently, garnish.
The original British ginger ale is more similar to US ginger beer. For a bracing, modern version, use 1 full oz each bitters and fresh lime juice.
Made for "for a hungover British army who fought during Rommel's surprise incursion into Cairo."
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  • Use a 1/2 oz of lime juice — ☆☆☆☆
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