Tequila Mockingbird (altered)

2 oz Blanco tequila
2 oz Watermelon juice
34 oz Lime juice
14 oz Agave syrup (1:1)
3 lf Basil
1 sli Jalapeño (plus ground pepper for rimming glass)
1 pn Salt (for rimming glass)
Muddle, shake, double strain into rocks glass half-rimmed with salt and ground jalapeño pepper. Garnish with another basil leaf, smacked.
Original called for watermelon-basil purée and 3/4 oz agave syrup. This version is simpler and drier.
From other users
  • Muddled watermelon chunks with the basil, and used chili-infused simple in lieu of the pepper on the rim. — ☆☆☆
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Interesting, the original no

Interesting, the original no longer calls for puree or basil at all, rather watermelon cubes muddled

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