2⁄3 oz Bourbon (Overproof, Shy)
1⁄4 oz Cynar
1 Maraschino cherry, Luxardo (Generous Syrup)

Shake on ice, strain into vessel of choice - ideally a wine glass for incognito


The idea is a 'flat red wine' so ratios can be altered to taste....develop your own 'terrior' to get through the day!


It should pass for a wine in the glass to throw-off suspecting in-laws and kin about your perspective on the event

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J., 'Bar, One, Too', Virginia
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  • needs a strong bourbon i think. used bakers - nice but... — ★★★★
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This is good. I used 1/4oz cynar, and I used plain old Jim Beam instead of an overproof bourbon. My cherries are Amarena Toschi, and I didn't add extra syrup. I'd probably just leave the cherry out next time and go with a lemon twist instead. I don't know that my version would pass for wine, but it is a good use for the Pimm's I'm trying to use up.