Thunder Shirt

2 oz White whiskey, Bully Boy
12 oz Jamaican rum, Smith & Cross
34 oz Ginger syrup, Ginger People
34 oz Lime juice
2 ds Pimento bitters, Dale De Groff
Shake well with ice and double-strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass.
Thunder Shirt, my riff on a Jacob Grier cocktail (the Lazy Bear) mingled with the rum and ginger flavor profile of a Dark & Stormy. The Thunder Shirt as you may know is the miracle garment for nervous dogs to help usher them through the stress and anxiety of a thunderstorm. This is the human beverage equivalent of that comforting shirt. The harshness of white dog whiskey is tamed with the soothing spice of ginger syrup, accented by the pot still funk of Smith & Cross and balanced with a healthy dose of citrus. The pimento bitters here play the role of a falernum, adding some island spice notes. It's delicious, and I think you'll agree that its cool liquid embrace has a dramatic calming effect (over 80% of nervous drinkers show improvement with one of these in hand—a statistic I just made up).

Thunder Shirt, my riff on Jacob Grier's Lazy Bear mingled with the rum and ginger flavor profile of a Dark & Stormy. With a nod to that miracle product for dogs. This has that same comforting effect on humans.

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