An Unusual Graft

1 oz Gin
12 oz Tawny port
12 oz PInk grapefruit juice
12 oz Amaro Nonino
14 oz Donn's Spices #2
310 oz Fig syrup
2 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Black Walnut
Shake all with ice, coupé. Drop the bitters on top.
A drier gin is best, but not a particularly juniper-y one. I used St. George Dry Rye. For the fig syrup, I use 50:50 hot water and fig preserves (Trader Joe's has a good one). Miele di fichi would also work well here.
I was curious about fig and grapefruit together.
From other users
  • did not have donn's spice, so added a couple drops of havana & hide bitters, no tawny port so used lustau dry amontillado sherry. syrup was jo snow fig vanilla black pepper. came out a little over-spiced but still very good. — ☆☆☆☆
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