Stir with ice, strain, over ice in rocks glass.


Original recipe called for a sugar lump, but I prefer it less sweet so make it with recipe above

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Created by
Sam Ross, Milk and Honey
Is an
altered recipe

as adapted in the Mr Boston Cocktail Guide

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  • Made to original spec in comments, with Don Q Anejo and M&R. An enjoyable alternative to a rum old fashioned. — ★★★★
  • Delicious with flor de cana 12 — ★★★★★
  • Rum Strain over Ice — ★★★★
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The original's by Sam Ross, Milk & Honey NYC, 2005. The recipe in his Bartender's Choice app also omits the sugar lump and is actually dryer than the version here:

2 oz aged rum
1 barspoon honey syrup
2 barspoons sweet vermouth
2 dashes Angostura