Verde Temprano

Reposado meets kiwi shrub, Dolin vermouth, Citronge & celery bitters.
2 oz Reposado Tequila, Lunazul Reposado (Use your fave 100% agave reposado.)
12 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin (Noilly Prat also would be good. Fresh always.)
12 oz Kiwi shrub (Homemade here using demarara, rice wine vinegar & cider vinegar.)
14 oz Orange liqueur, Citronge (More forward & spicier than Cointreau.)
1 ds Celery bitters
Build over ice in mixing glass, shake for 15 secs or stir for 30, strain & serve straight up.
Name is Spanish for "early Spring", which pertains to the Spring green color of the drink. It's richly herbal and vegetal, for a change up sub ginger shrub for the Citronge.
Accidentally collated 5/7/2011.
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