3 oz Bourbon, Bulleit
1 oz Cynar
12 oz Walnut Liqueur, Nocello
12 oz Licor 43
14 oz Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Heering
1 ds Absinthe
1 pn Salt
1 twst Orange peel (optional, as garnish)
Make sure salt mostly dissolves before adding ice. Orange peel garnish optional.
Salt Solution works fine too.
From other users
  • Made as 1/2 portion; used Tuaca for Licor 43. Made with Nocino, not Nocello
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Curious whether this is

Curious whether this is intended to be Nocello or Nocino; Nocello is a walnut and hazelnut liqueur; Nocino is just walnut. I've learned the hard way that I rarely like the flavor of hazelnut in cocktails (looking at you, dusty small bottle of Frangelico) so I made this with Nocino and enjoyed it. (As a half portion.)

A few slightly odd things

A few slightly odd things about this one. For starters, it's huge. The amounts as written will comfortably yield two drinks. To my taste the salt is a bad idea. It gives an artificial sweet (and salty) taste that I didn't like at all - we had it last night as written and tonight with no salt, and tonight's is much better. And I tried with and without the orange; the orange is an improvement. Without the salt I'll give it a 4.